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As We Start the New School Year – a message to our staff from principal, Patrice Cherico

Welcome! This is a very exciting day as we come together to begin the 2019-2020 school year! I always put a lot of pressure on myself for the first day of Teacher Work Week. This day feels to me now just like my students’ first day back after the summer felt when I was a teacher. There was so much … Read More

The Whole School Through a Lens

By: Elle Martinez, IMO High School Student “Photography is an art, photography is capturing a moment.” People say this a lot when someone asks what it’s like working with photography. Before this year I had an idea about how photography could be beautiful, but after this year I found a newfound appreciation for taking pictures of people. Since people in … Read More

The Innovation Incubator Program at Innovation Montessori High School

By Alison Franks Traditionally, people define entrepreneurship as starting a new business or diving into a new endeavor focused on generating profit.  At Innovation Montessori High School we are pushing the boundaries of that definition to include a broader scope of the human experience.  Visual artists can be entrepreneurs, launching their own personal brands. Entrepreneurs can be focused on creating … Read More

IMO’s Spring Musical, Aladdin – This Weekend at Winter Garden Theatre

Don’t forget to buy your tickets for Innovation Montessori’s spring musical, Aladdin Jr. – performing this Friday and Saturday at the Winter Garden Theatre (see below for showtimes and a link to buy tickets). The show promises to be great family entertainment. Prepare to be transported to the Arabian nights of old where you’ll be enchanted by the genie’s lamp, … Read More

Making Casa Our Home

by Amanda Cease Since he was three months old, our son has been in a structured environment and attended daycare daily, which we believe helped him develop in many ways. As we started to approach the age of “real school” we wanted to find a place to call home and feel confident that he would be encouraged, challenged and guided. … Read More

Wondrous Wednesdays: A Time to Explore

By Ilene Costelo, Upper Elementary Teacher, Aristotle Classroom It all started with one student. Montessori philosophy teaches us to follow the child and guide them to explore their own interests. Two years ago, a 4th grade student expressed a strong passion for writing; she had been writing stories and experimenting with her craft for many years. Her teacher wanted to … Read More

Why I Enrolled My Kids at IMO/IMHS After Homeschooling for 9 Years

By Shannon Watson, Montessori Mom Let me start by saying that I’m not one of those parents who thought that homeschooling was the only way for children to get a good education. And no, I don’t have any more patience than the next mom! But as parents, we all want what’s best for our children, right? When my then-third grade … Read More

10 Very Montessori Gifts You Can Give Your Children This Christmas

By Cathy Tobin, Assistant Principal Here are some ways that you can incorporate Montessori principles into your family’s celebration of the Christmas season. These are gifts that will have a lasting impact. The Gift of Work Help grow your children’s fine motor skills, concentration and sense of being a contributing member of your family by engaging them in making holiday … Read More

Peace is Not Passive: Talking to Kids about Violence

By Sherilyn Moore, CEO Driving home from school last week, my children and I witnessed a group of middle schoolers from another school getting off the bus at their stop. They seemed to be joshing around, but then we quickly realized that two of the boys were not wrestling for fun. They were starting to really fight. A few of … Read More

Why We Left IMO, and Why We Returned

By Karen Carlson, IMO Mom My 6th grade daughter has been a student at IMO since Kindergarten. Until recently, it’s the only school she’s known, and she’s loved it. She’s made great friends, bonded with her teachers and thrived academically. For her, school has always been a safe, kind, and loving place. This year, she saw her non-IMO friends transition … Read More

Why I Serve for Innovation Montessori

By Kristin Chase, Communications Chair, Board of Directors It’s true – I am a joiner.  I love to be part of something bigger than myself, part of a team, group, or organization that is growing and changing and making an impact in the world.  I’m a parent of two children at IMO, Cameron and Jillian, who have attended from their first … Read More

What is a Montessori High School? Cultivating a Model at IMO

By Sherilyn Moore, CEO At Innovation Montessori Ocoee, we launched our first public Montessori High School program. This game-changing educational experience is designed to create independent, inspired, and innovative students who have the tools to create their own futures. The three “I’s” are the pillars that drive the curriculum and approach to the education. The Innovation Montessori high school model … Read More

IMO Middle Schoolers Save the Shoes!

By Sherilyn Moore, CEO Our Middle School teachers have been executing Project-based learning since 2015. It is a natural progression from the hands-on/student-led Montessori approach in the Primary and Lower-el classrooms to the hands-on/curriculum-led focus in Upper-el. The approach becomes hands-on/project-led in Middle School. This is otherwise known as Project-based Learning, or PBL. As our students grow and learn, we … Read More

Why We Went Solar, and Why I Went Solar

When our Innovation Montessori School recently opened our beautiful 18-acre campus, which currently serves over 600 public school students and 120 private Montessori Casa students, we were able to harness the power of the sun with panels on multiple buildings and a solar smartflower. With electric bills at $5,000/month and the potential for rates to keep rising, investing in a … Read More

Professional Development at Innovation Montessori Ocoee

By Patrice Cherico Executing a professional development plan that brings lasting results is a shared effort between internal experts, who are walking the public Montessori walk daily, and outside experts who bring their years of experience and research to the table. Deeper learning like this prepares the student for long-term success in learning and in life. Young students of today … Read More