IMO Communication Tools & Technology Overview

To help provide a broader understanding of our main communication methods supported by technology at school, we would like to share with you this overview. Please familiarize yourself with these tools. For additional contacts to resolve specific questions or concerns, please follow the established protocols for resolution:

  • Your child’s teacher
  • Assistant Principals: Cathy Tobin & Michelle Caruth
  • Principal: Patrice Cherico
  • CEO: Sherilyn Moore
  • Board of Directors President: Jeremy Bellis


IMO Communication Online – Centralized App for consolidated information: Bloomz – Bloomz can be used via a desktop, laptop, or phone and downloaded as an app. Bloomz includes Newsfeeds with posts similar to Facebook, Volunteer Shift Sign Ups and Classroom Donation Needs (replacing SignUpGenius), and a Calendar of Events. You can join groups for your classrooms, PTO Owls and established school committees. There is a great opportunity to message other parents directly via Bloomz messaging. Teachers often provide direct updates on classroom happenings, upload photos, and make requests related to field trips, etc. in their respective class groups. You can also message teachers directly via Bloomz messaging. Posting to the Newsfeed in Bloomz is for general communication only. Child specific questions and concerns must be addressed directly and privately with the teacher, either by email (for concerns) or Bloomz messaging.

As a note, we will not be using the Portfolio feature on Bloomz as it is not consistent with our preferred methods of tracking progress in Montessori classrooms. To avoid receiving too many notifications, please be sure you visit the “Settings” tab and adjust your Notification frequency and type (push versus email) as needed.


SchoolMint – Email and enrollment system – On occasion, official memos and communication from the Operations team at school will be sent out via email in SchoolMint. These are “must read/don’t miss” types of communication with time-sensitive or critical information to be reviewed quickly and often include action items. Emails sent via SchoolMint will also be published via Bloomz. SchoolMint also serves as our system for enrolling new and returning students annually.


School Online Calendar – This calendar is always up to date with latest and greatest events and happening at IMO. Click the “+” sign at the bottom of the calendar to add it automatically to your own Google calendar.


Facebook – We have archived our PTO Owls Facebook page, which has now been added as a group on Bloomz (join with code 7NB6YN ). Our main external social media presence for our school is on our school’s Facebook page, Like and follow us there and share with friends and family!


The Innovation Montessori Blog

IMO Blog – We have begun a blog on our website to expand opportunities to share resources, insight and inspiration with our school community and external contacts as well. New content is added frequently so read on and bookmark it!


PTO Owls Website – – Visit our PTO homepage to purchase shirts and swag from the PTO Store and find out more about how to volunteer and upcoming events!



Transparent Classroom – – This site contains your report cards for your children, and keeps electronic copies/history of previous report cards.


ADDitions – – Official OCPS site where you must pre-register to get clearance to volunteer at our school. Once confirmed, you can then visit “Search Opportunities”, find Innovation Montessori, and send a request for the Main Campus. Once approved, you will then be able to volunteer and then log in to “Report My Service/Hours” (either hour-by-hour or in bulk) to fulfill your required 20 volunteer hours.


Sandbox – This accounts management tool is utilized by families who participate in our AM/PM program for registration, liability waivers, billing & payments, emergency contacts, authorized pick-up persons, student information, communications.

SANDBOX REGISTRATION – Sandbox Registration

SANDBOX PARENT PORTAL – Sandbox Parent Portal


Canvas – For Middle School & High School student assignments –