Overview of Innovation Montessori High School

“Our mission is to provide a game-changing High School education to cultivate independent, inspired and innovative leaders through purpose-driven Project-based Learning, a Montessori focus on a global perspective, and a four-year-long Innovation Incubator.

Vision: IMHS students master critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, adaptability, a global perspective, purpose, and the ability to transfer knowledge and skills across subject matter lines in order to become the visionary creators of the fluid and fast-paced future.

The guiding principles of independence, inspiration, and innovation were forged from the latest research in preparing students for a successful post-high school future. Across the board, researchers, CEOs and leaders in education are calling for more critical thinking, greater adaptability, and more self-motivated young adults. Our young adults require more autonomy and respect for their individual strengths and weaknesses, inside of a supportive school culture, so they can flourish. Our students learn that they are responsible for their own success and the success of their peers.

This responsibility leads to a strong culture that encourages students to find their purpose, take intellectual risks, and discover their joy. Montessori philosophy is incorporated throughout the culture of Innovation Montessori High School (IMHS), which makes it particularly unique in a high school setting. Steeped in a collaborative environment that utilizes multiple styles of instruction, students shine. The start of the day is later than traditional high schools to match the circadian rhythms of this age group and demonstrate an awareness for the particular needs of the high schooler. Life skills seminars, a cooperative education where students work together to achieve their goals, and the true sense of community that develops when people come together to make the world a better place are hallmarks of a Montessori education and thrive at IMHS.

Project-based Learning affords students an opportunity to take a hands-on Montessori approach to mastering the core competencies and deepening their learning experience far beyond the basics. Each project will be backwards-designed from the standards and remain true to the Montessori philosophies of grace and courtesy with a global perspective and purpose-driven action.

The Innovation Incubator is the jewel of the individualized education. Students are taught creativity skills, and then launch into an ideation phase for a new business, a service organization, a non-profit, or even a new invention. Critical thinking intensives and seminars provide students tools to critically evaluate their work, along with input from students, faculty and advisors. Students learn business and practical operational management skills as well, as they prepare to launch their individual incubator project. Facilitating the cooperation and creation of student business co-ops is an internal student-created-and-managed banking system. This microcosm of the outside world further educates the students with a deep and hands-on approach. Each student will launch their individual initiative, and will experience the tough “first phase” of their business, non-profit, or initiative while receiving guidance and support from IMHS faculty, staff, mentors, parents, and fellow students. This critical first phase allows students to learn from what works and what doesn’t work. Intensive analytical work and continual improvements will spur in-demand educational and intellectual growth, while refining the student’s personal project. Some students will graduate with robust businesses. All students will leave with an unparalleled education.

IMHS will support differentiated student needs, provide the instructional support necessary, and the flexible environment to ensure continued innovation from students and faculty alike. From internships to in-house professional seminars to a robust parent-involvement program, this school will become a community center. This community approach shines a light on the importance of education and supports the core Montessori goal of educating the whole child. Our high-achievers will earn college credits with dual enrollment and certifications as they matriculate, and all will graduate ready for college and career. After four years at IMHS, our graduates will embody the guiding principles of independence, inspiration, and innovation. They will take that next step into adulthood, college, and career confidently prepared and ready to create their own futures.”