Instrumental Music Concert Band at Festival of the Arts
Musical Theatre Aladdin 2019
Drama Cast from our productions
IMO Winterguard Cast of our 2020 program "I'd Rather Be Spinning"
Visual Arts Art is available to every student at IMO
Instrumental Ensembles Percussion Ensemble backstage after our performance

Welcome to Innovation Montessori in The Arts

Innovation Montessori Performing and Visual Arts is comprised of highly successful programs that are known for their rich history, high quality and their exciting innovation.The arts are a universal language and a fundamental form of expressive communication. Here at Innovation Montessori Ocoee, we believe that every student should have the opportunity to develop their own innate creativity and learn to respect the creative expressions of others. IMO Arts students are provided quality instruction in Instrumental Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts.

After school programs include: Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, Theatre Productions, and Winterguard

Visual Arts

Art Enrichment and Art Class

Innovation Montessori Ocoee offers Art as part of enrichment for all elementary students. IMO Middle and IMHS students may also select Art as an elective. In addition, Art Club meets after school.

To learn more about our after school Art Program, please visit HERE


Performing Arts

Music Enrichment

Music is such an important part of the lives of all people and cultures. Innovation Montessori Ocoee offers a quality and comprehensive music program. In this environment the students acquire the knowledge and skills to become musically literate.

Music Enrichment is an introductory music class for elementary level students. The focus of this class is to provide students with enjoyable experiences in music and the opportunity to learn and develop a variety of music-related skills. Through singing, playing, listening and reading, students will experience the various elements of music. In class, students will be introduced to various styles and kinds of music. They will have many opportunities to excel in musical performance, reading music and musical literature, and evaluating musical form with varying structures.

In class we will:

  • Sing, play, and evaluate music
  • Listen to a wide variety of music from various musical eras
  • Learn to sing on pitch
  • Play the recorder (3rd grade) and various percussion instruments
  • Perform singing activities that will help your student to grow in sight reading, pitch-matching, and harmony performance
  • Learn to sing solfege and sign pitches
  • Explore the science of music
  • Learn melody, beat, rhythm, harmony, tempo, dynamics, and style 

A well-rounded music education is vital for all children. Research shows that students involved in a music activity score significantly better on standardized tests and college entry exams, and have enhanced abstract reasoning skills. Our music classroom will also aim to increase whole-brain learning, multi-cultural understanding, cooperative learning, self-confidence, and school community!

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music Ensembles are offered as after school programs. Students perform in various concerts throughout the year.

To learn more about our Instrumental Music Program, please visit HERE


Innovation Montessori Ocoee offers Drama as part of enrichment for all elementary students. IMO Middle and IMHS students may select Musical Theatre as an elective.

Innovation Montessori in the Arts produces a variety of productions and concerts throughout the year. Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel.

To learn more about our Theatre Program, please visit HERE


Winter guard is the sport of indoor color guard - much like your traditional color guard that performs with marching bands - we just take the performance indoors and perform to recorded music. IMO Winterguard is entering its fourth year and comprised of students in upper elementary, middle, and high school. The group learns movement and a variety of equipment including flags and sabers. Winter guards can be found in middle schools, high schools, universities and independent organizations.

To learn more about IMO Winterguard, please visit HERE

Events Calendar

Our yearly fundraiser is IMO FESTIVAL of the ARTS held each Spring. It is a festival of music, food, and artistic exploration and learning. Please join us on Saturday, March 7, 2020 as we transform our campus into an immersive experience in the arts fun for the whole family!


Fair Share

There are special financial needs involved with participation in any organization or activity which are not provided for by OCPS. The financial obligation that falls to the student and parent is called Fair Share Assessment. This assessment is common in a majority of schools around the nation and prevalent in OCPS for a wide-range of activities, including all programs in the arts.

As educators, we believe in providing your student with the highest quality music education possible. To this end, it is necessary for us to assess each student to cover costs inherent in providing a positive, life-changing experience.

All Students participating in programs within Innovation Montessori in The Arts! are expected to meet the payment schedule provided by the program director. Failure to meet the due dates OR contact the director in advance can result in student’s removal from participation. However, no student will be denied participation due to a family’s inability to pay. We incur many costs in advance on students’ behalf. For this reason, there can be no refunds due to ineligibility or change of schedule, as expenses are pre-paid. Plan well in advance. Parents of any student with financial difficulty must contact the director by email in advance of any due date affected for an extension - communication is key!

Mission Statement

To educate all students in a supportive, nurturing and challenging environment by providing them with the skills, knowledge and opportunities for expression in instrumental music, vocal music, theatre, and visual arts that enable them to participate actively as consumers and makers of the arts in a diverse global community.

Department Learning Goals
  • Creating: Students will learn to use the symbolic languages, structures, materials and techniques of the four arts disciplines (music, visual art, drama and dance) to create works of art.
  • Performing: Students will apply skills in singing, reading music, playing instruments, acting, directing, dancing and exhibition (visual art) to interpret and share artwork that already exists, including their own.
  • Perceiving and Responding: Students will demonstrate their ability to critically respond with understanding when they describe, analyze, interpret and evaluate their own artwork and the artwork or others.
  • Connections: Students will demonstrate understanding of their artistic heritage through investigation of the historical and cultural contexts of the arts, will demonstrate knowledge of the arts in their community, and apply knowledge of the arts in the study of other disciplines.
Guiding Beliefs
  • An effective and challenging arts curriculum provides students with opportunities to perform and create in art, music, drama and dance; perceive and respond to each of the arts disciplines; understand the role of the arts in our heritage and cultures past and present, near and far; understand the nature of the arts, and make connections between the arts and other disciplines.
  • Through education in the arts, students learn modes of personal expression; they imaginatively communicate and share ideas, approach the challenges of artistic expression with ingenuity, develop intellectual curiosity, and perceive the world around them in ways that are unique to the arts.
  • All students can learn in and through the arts and are entitled to challenging and sequential curricula in grades K - HS, taught during the regular school day and after-school by highly qualified faculty in each of those disciplines. The arts curricula include general art and music in grades 1 - 6, instrumental and choral music in grades 4 - 12, and non-performance based electives in grades 7 - 12.
  • All students are entitled to opportunities during the school day to develop proficiency in at least two of the arts disciplines in grades 1 – 12.
  • An effective program in the arts is supported by adequate resources, instructional time and a highly qualified faculty.
  • The arts are most worthy of study for their intrinsic value, yet at the same time can enhance learning in other disciplines.
  • Through education in the arts all students are provided with unique opportunities for personal growth and social development, and can engage with confidence and skill in the life of the broader school community.