Innovation Montessori in The Arts is proud to offer a diverse set of programs rooted in the arts. We offer all students opportunities to experience a rich arts environment with classes in visual art, vocal music, general music, drama, and musical theatre. Numerous arts classes are available for students to participate in both during and after school, including lessons in instrumental music, visual art, drama, choir and musical theatre.

After school programs include Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, and Winterguard.

IMiTA produces a variety of productions and concerts throughout the year including a summer production as part of Innovation Montessori in The Arts Summer Stage. Our 2019 productions included The Enchanted Bookshop and Aladdin, JR.

Innovation Montessori in The Arts! yearly fundraiser is Arteco Festival held each Spring. Arteco is a festival of music, food, and artistic and environmental exploration and learning. Please mark Saturday, March 7, 2020 on your calendar.

Here is our master calendar with our programs.

Fair Share

There are special financial needs involved with participation in any organization or activity which are not provided for by OCPS. The financial obligation that falls to the student and parent is called Fair Share Assessment. This assessment is common in a majority of schools around the nation and prevalent in OCPS for a wide-range of activities, including all programs in the arts.

As educators, we believe in providing your student with the highest quality music education possible. To this end, it is necessary for us to assess each student to cover costs inherent in providing a positive, life-changing experience.

All Students participating in programs within Innovation Montessori in The Arts! are expected to meet the payment schedule provided by the program director. Failure to meet the due dates OR contact the director in advance can result in student’s removal from participation. However, no student will be denied participation due to a family’s inability to pay. We incur many costs in advance on students’ behalf. For this reason, there can be no refunds due to ineligibility or change of schedule, as expenses are pre-paid. Plan well in advance. Parents of any student with financial difficulty must contact the director by email in advance of any due date affected for an extension – communication is key!


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