Gluten Free Cheese Pizza – 1 Slice ($3.50 per Slice)


Pizza Friday is back for another year! Every Friday, your student can order pizza for lunch. This is a delicious way to fun-raise for the school, so please order today!

One Slice of Gluten Free Cheese Pizza – $3.50

IMPORTANT CHANGE FROM PAST YEARS –  for weekly ordering, the deadline will be on the Wednesday of the week before the pizza will be delivered at 12 midnight. This will be 10 days prior to the delivery Friday.  (With growth of the school, volunteers need more time to get rosters completed.)

Please read the instructions below before ordering pizza:

  • If your child is absent from class or if there is a “bad weather” day, no refunds are given. The extra slices will be share with another student and/or the funds will be donated to the school.
  • Please do not contact us when you have missed that week’s deadline and ask if we can add a pizza lunch. We cannot do this fairly for all.
  • Our Pizza provider is Domino’s Pizza in Ocoee.
  • If you want order something other than pizza for lunch on Friday please click HERE for ordering options.
  • If you have further questions, we can be contacted at:

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