Controlled Open Enrollment Capacity Transfer (COEC)

Eligibility for this transfer is described below: An open enrollment Transfer allows a family to transfer from any school, whether it is a OCPS district school or not, to a school that has available capacity. Relevant factors are as follows:

  • Transfers still follow the lottery application process on our school site.
  • Seats are offered to students seeking an “open enrollment capacity transfer” only after all those in lottery waitlist within the Orange County, Florida district have been offered a seat
  • The student must stay for the entire school year, unless there is a change of address
  • Transportation is not provided by Innovation Montessori
  • Transfers may be revoked if the student is excessively tardy to school, remains at school beyond the dismissal time without prior arrangements with school officials, or is referred to the principal for disciplinary action.

Priority for the Transfer shall be given to the following groups:

  • Students residing in Orange County, Florida and accepted through the lottery
  • Dependent children of active duty military personnel whose move resulted from military orders
  • Children who have been relocated due to foster care placement in a different school zone
  • Children who move due to a court-ordered change in custody due to separation or divorce, or the serious illness or death of a custodial parent