The Innovation Montessori Parent Teacher Organization dedicates itself to enriching each child’s experience at Innovation Montessori High School and creating a vibrant and active school community. Through the 5-Star Specials program, field trips, spirit nights, Worthwhile Wednesdays, our children will benefit from an extraordinary whole-child learning experience.  Our IMHS families benefit from being members of a community committed to excellence in public education.

We eagerly look forward to learning what you can contribute to our school community and how we can help you get involved. There are many opportunities ranging from playground maintenance, room parents, reading or math buddies, financial contributors, enrichment assistance, or helping plan and coordinate the various events the PTO manages.

Look around our website and check back regularly. It is a work in process and ultimately will become the source for all PTO info.

Be sure to visit the to learn more about the many different ways you can get involved.

With 4 officers and 10 chair members it’s easy to find someone active in the PTO who you know that you can ask any questions about the PTO. Or email to reach the officers directly.

Please take a moment to view our Volunteer Information Handout HERE


Innovation Montessori Ocoee began as Montessori of Winter Garden Charter School in 2011. Our school was founded when a group of dedicated Montessori parents, from a local, private Montessori primary school, decided that they were willing to do what it took to create an opportunity for their children to continue their Montessori education beyond kindergarten. They applied for a charter, rented a suite in a strip mall and opened the doors to our public Montessori school in August of 2011.

Innovation Montessori Ocoee is a school created for children, by parents, using one of the most child-centered educational philosophies in the world – Montessori. Children are at the heart of everything we do and the best interests of our students are the basis of every decision we make.

Charter schools are funded differently than district schools and, as a Montessori school, our expenses for staff and materials run higher than traditional schools. We bridge the gap with the help of our families. Innovation Montessori High School has a mandatory minimum 20 volunteer hour requirement per family, and we love to put our community’s talents to work for our school.

ADDitions is the Orange County Public School program and website where you are required to log in your Volunteer Hours. At the start of each school year, you need to re-apply and be approved by OCPS to be able to volunteer in our schools (includes a background check). If you have any specific questions about the online system, please ask the staff in the front office.

To volunteer at our school, follow these two easy steps:

STEP 1: Register with ADDitions by following this link HERE.
STEP 2: Simply find volunteer opportunities on our PTO website by following the link HERE.

That’s it! Welcome to our community, we look forward to seeing at our school! Once you are registered, you will check in and out at the school office to log your hours. You can also log in hours from home. Volunteerism is one of the foundational building blocks of our community. Thank you for your continued commitment.

Please take a moment to view our Volunteer Information Handout HERE

Why​ ​should​ ​I​ ​volunteer?

Many studies have shown significant links between parent/family involvement in their child’s school and the overall success of the student. At Innovation Montessori Ocoee, making contributions to our school community offers an important way for families to connect to establish partnerships and lifelong friendships with each other. We see time and time again that parent involvement leads to child empowerment, so what better way to support your child than by becoming an active part of our community!

How​ ​can​ ​I​ ​help?

The best way to begin is to attend a PTO meeting on the first Tuesday of every month! There are also many opportunities for working parents who prefer weekend volunteering opportunities:

  • Fall Fest
  • Winter Concert
  • Fall Production
  • Festival of the Arts (March)
  • Spring Musical (March)