IMO/IMHS Board of Directors Seeking 7th Member 

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IMO/IMHS Board of Directors Seeking 7th Member 

Know a member of our larger Central Florida community that has some free time and willingness to contribute to our school via strategic leadership and focus on building our future?  The Board of Directors is specifically seeking a 7th member of our board to volunteer to join us in 2021 to help shape the future of Montessori in our community and contribute to the vision of our growing school. 

Copy and share the information below within your networks (particularly LinkedIn) and have interested individuals contact our Board Secretary at with a cover letter and resume expressing their interest. 

The Board of Directors for Innovation Montessori Ocoee and Innovation Montessori High School (tuition-free public charter Montessori schools in Ocoee, Florida) are seeking an addition to our board!  Are you passionate about supporting alternative education for children in Central Florida that is accessible and encourages innovation and cultivates independent thinkers of the next generation?  Do you have some free time on your hands going into 2021?  Then this opportunity might be just what you were looking for to give back and serve during this challenging time.  We would love to have you send a cover letter and resume to our Board Secretary at so that we can speak with you further about how you can best apply your time and talent.  Note that this is a volunteer position. 

Required qualifications for all Innovation Montessori Board of Directors candidates include: 

  • Proven ability to lead a team, define strategies and execute tactics.  
  • Willing to be a “jack of all trades” and step outside of comfort zone to contribute in multiple areas.  
  • Relevant professional experience. 
  • Passion and interest in Montessori education.  
  • Significant connections within the local community and businesses.  
  • Ideally external to the school community, although internal community members can be considered if other qualifications are met.  
  • Capability to give to the school both financially and by volunteering time at school events.  
  • Ability to attend 1-2 evening meetings per month.  
  • Willingness to serve for a 1-year term at the end of which an evaluation of commitment and performance will be conducted with the intent and hope to extend to a 3-year term. 

Specific industries and areas of experience can be broad as we are primarily seeking strong leadership skills.  Below are some examples of experience that may be most helpful and relevant: 

  • Banking/Finance 
  • Montessori 
  • Fundraising/Grants 
  • Event Planning 
  • Legal 
  • Building/Construction 
  • Human Resources 
  • Education 
  • Marketing/PR/Media/Communications