IMO Cares

Food Pantry Resources

Love Pantry

The Love Pantry strives to alleviate childhood hunger and food insecurity in Central Florida, as well as remove hunger as a barrier to learning. Click HERE for Website

United Against Poverty Orlando

Our mission is to serve those in poverty by providing crisis care, case management, transformative education, food and household subsidy, employment training and active referrals to other collaborative social service providers. Click HERE for Website

Christian Service Center

Daily Bread was established in 1975 with the goal that no person in Central Florida struggle with hunger. Through Daily Bread, anyone who is hungry can eat for free, no questions asked. Daily Bread provides a nourishing noontime meal for families and individuals who are hungry six days a week at no cost to the consumer. Click HERE for Website

There are multiple smaller food pantry sites located across Orange County. Each site distributes based on food availability and volunteers. Click HERE to find additional food pantries

Emotional and Mental Health Resources

National Hotlines and Resources

Free Telephone Counseling Hotlines in the United States Click HERE for website

Mobile Crisis Response Unit

A Mobile Crisis Response Unit has been established for Orange County students. That number is (407) 720-0281. In the event of any emergency where a person’s physical well-being is at risk for any reason, 911 is the number to call as first responders can respond immediately

Orange County Government

Home of Orange County Government Click HERE for website

Florida Health Department

Home of Florida Health Department Click HERE for website

Coronavirus COVID-19

Website for the Federal Government on COVID-19 Click HERE for website