Information Technology

The Innovation Montessori Information Technology Department is responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of over 1,200 client workstations, servers and a multiple network switches and routers. Wireless network service is provided covering both of our campus locations and is continuing to grow to meet the needs of our students and employees. The Information Technology infrastructure enables connectivity for more than 1,500 networked devices. 

In addition to the desktop support and network operations, the enterprise systems team supports the delivery of email and centralized business system support. The Information Security team provides virus protection, data protection as well as state reporting. 

The Information Technology Department Consists of

  • Desktop Operations
  • Network Services
  • Enterprise Application Support
  • IT Purchasing
  • Information Security

Our Goals

Providing innovative technology solutions and services.

Providing responsive and reliable IT infrastructure and support.

Continually assessing and improving our service offerings

We Believe

Technology should be accessible to all

Technology enhances, improves, engages and stimulates the learning environment for all students

Technology enhances the learning ability for all children

Technology Resources

Microsoft Office 365

Access to the online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint Excel and Outlook

CANVAS For Middle School

Middle School Student Access to Canvas

CANVAS For High School

High School Student Access to Canvas