School Board Meeting Agenda May 11, 2021

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Tuesday, May 11th 6:30PM

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Innovation Montessori

Governing Board of Directors

Board Meeting

May 11, 2021

Location: Zoom Online

Time: 6:30 pm


6:30 PM Call to Order / Establish Quorum · Record time & attendance · Review Meeting Agenda Kristin Chase

6:40 PM Public Input & Comments Public in Attendance

6:45 PM Approve Prior Meeting Minutes & Votes · Approve April minutes · Vote on municipal bonds Kristin Chase

6:50 PM Principal’s Report · Vote on municipal bonds Patrice Cherico

7:35 PM PTO Update Christi Marin

7:45 PM Finance Update & Deep Dive · Update from budget workshop Philip Gallina

7:55 PM Committee Update TBD

8:00 PM President’s Update Brett Casey

8:15 PM Adjournment Brett Casey


Upcoming Meetings:

Thurs 5/21/21 6:30pm

Communication Forum

Summer Planning/Retreat June TBD