School Board Meeting Agenda September 8, 2020

AdminBOD Agenda

Tuesday, September 8th 6:30PM

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Time Activity Chair/Action/Detail
6:30 PM  

Call to Order / Establish Quorum

  • Record time & attendance
  • Review Meeting Agenda


Kristin Chase
6:40 PM  

Public Comments

  • Review any previously emailed comments


Public in Attendance

6:45 PM

Approve Prior Meeting Minutes (Aug 11) Kristin Chase
6:50 PM Principal’s Report


Patrice Cherico
7:30 PM Primary/Elementary Deep Dive Cathy Tobin
7:45 PM PTO Report Jackie Lee
7:50PM Finance Report Philip Gallina
8:00PM Committees Report

  • Discussion of Deep Dives and other BOD
  • Meetings/Topics for 2020/21
  • Fundraising Focus established and communicated


8:15 PM President’s Report

  • Discuss key short term goals for BOD/Admin
Brett Casey
8:30 PM  



Brett Casey