Make your family a part of the foundation for our new campus by purchasing legacy bricks today! Funds from the Brick fundraiser will go directly to providing elements for our playgrounds. Above-and-beyond the goal funds will support other outdoor environments Get your brick TODAY

Annual Giving

As a charter school, we operate on approximately .70 of every dollar a regular public school receives. This makes our need to fund raise a bit more, and we've been able to support the amazing extras our school offers: extra staff for additional support, enrichment classes, and Montessori materials. After school clubs like band, chorus, baton, yearbook, art, and chess enrich our students and our community. We ask for your contribution to keep the educational experience rewarding and enriching for all students. Annual Giving is the core operational fundraising effort, and it replaces the need for our parents and students to engage in door-to-door fundraising sales. Every dollar from Annual Giving goes directly to support our school's day-to-day offerings. Please make a contribution TODAY

One Time Donation

Please consider making a monetary donation to support our programs. Donate Today