Cleanliness, good grooming and neatness are important standards of appearance for everyone. IMO students are always expected to wear appropriate dress, as outlined below.

Innovation Montessori Ocoee Uniform Policy

  • Uniforms are a requirement for students at Innovation Montessori Ocoee (IMO).
  • The Uniform Policy is applicable all 5 days, unless it is specifically designated by administration or PTO as a non-uniform day. Primary children do not participate in all non-uniform days. Please check with primary teachers if unclear.
  • No characters, large logos (other than the school logo), light-up wearables, or slogans.

Uniform Colors: Uniform colors are all solid colors.

  • Shirts/Dresses: Solid White, Navy, Light Blue, Hunter/Forest Green or ‘Gator’ Orange.
  • Jumpers/Skirts/Skorts/Shorts/Pants: Solid Khaki or Navy.

Uniform Details:                                                                                                                                     

Shirts: Short or long-sleeve polo-style or button-down, oxford-style shirts are acceptable. Visible undershirts must adhere to uniform colors. Shirts must be collared.

Pants: Long pants may be worn. Other than on Spirit Days, jeans are not acceptable, nor are leggings when worn alone. Jeans may be worn on days when the temperature will be 49 degrees or less at 8 am.

Dresses/Jumpers/Skirts: Fingertip length or longer. Solid-color shorts, tights, or leggings must be worn underneath. Please note that shorts, worn alone, must be either solid khaki or navy, while those worn under dresses/skirts may be in any solid color. Uniform includes a collar. Dresses must be collared and a collared shirt must be worn under jumpers.

Shorts & Skorts: Fingertip length or longer.

Leggings & Socks: Student’s choice of solid color. No patterns, logos, characters, or slogans.

Outerwear: Jackets, sweaters, scarves, and gloves worn inside the classroom must be compliant with school uniform color policy. If other colors are worn outside the classroom, they must be removed and stored while inside the classroom.

Shoes: Closed-toed and closed-back shoes. No light up shoes are acceptable. Shoes should be suitable for playground and PE as applicable.

Accessories: Hair bows, belts, etc. may be in the student’s choice of solid color. Ties, if worn, must be in a solid school uniform color.

Jewelry: If it is worn, it should not be distracting, and it should be safe for the classroom. The school is not responsible for lost or broken jewelry.

Spirit Wear: At designated times, such as Fridays and once monthly Worthwhile Wednesdays (when donating to that month’s cause only), students may wear school spirit shirts (purchased from PTO) and blue denim shorts, skirts or jeans. If jeans have rips, the rips must start below fingertip length. Wearing a spirit shirt and uniform bottoms is also acceptable on spirit wear days, as is wearing a uniform shirt and blue denim bottoms.

Logos: School logo shirts are not required, but they are available to be purchased from Lands’ End. The school receives a percentage of sales from uniforms purchased through Lands’ End. Logos may also be embroidered on any uniform shirt or uniform-color sweater or jacket at Stitches by Leyla: 13020 West Colonial Drive, Winter Garden, FL 34787. A percentage from every logo purchase goes back to the school. Logos may only be added to the items mentioned above. The IMO logo is the property of Innovation Montessori Ocoee.

Financial Considerations/Assistance: Students will not be denied attendance at school, or be otherwise penalized, for failing to wear clothing that complies with the school uniform if such failure is due to financial hardship. Parents/guardians should notify the Executive Director if assistance is needed. The Executive Director shall offer assistance to students who would have, or are having difficulty, complying with the school uniform policy due to financial hardships and shall develop a program to provide for uniform donations or uniform clothing.

Discipline: The Executive Director or designee has the authority to decide if clothing complies with the IMO Uniform Policy. If the Executive Director determines that a student’s clothing does not comply with the IMO Uniform Policy, a parent/guardian may be asked to bring an appropriate change of clothes to school, or the student may be asked to leave an after-school activity. The student may also receive a disciplinary consequence for not following the school’s dress code policy. Repeated violations may result in progressively serious consequences. Students may appeal the Executive Director’s decision to the Governing Board President.

Updated for 2019-2020